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Our Taekwondo Programs Offer Something For Everyone!

Martial Arts Classes For Kids

Often, people associate martial arts with fighting. At U.S. Martial Arts Center, we use discipline as a foundation for personal development in all aspects of life. 

Our children's program empowers students to have more self-confidence and assuredness. We welcome students of all fitness levels and ages to join in on the fun at one of our U.S. Martial Arts Centers.

Martial Arts Classes For Adults

You're never too old to enjoy all of the benefits that Martial Arts Classes have to offer. Our exciting Adult classes are an excellent base for improving physical fitness, agility, and self-defense skills.

Regardless if you're getting back into Taekwondo or you've never taken a Martial Arts Class before, our trusted and respected instructors help you achieve your personal goals.

Martial Arts Classes For Families

Are you searching for a constructive and fun activity the whole family can enjoy? If yes, our innovative Family Martial Arts program is the answer you seek. 

Our comprehensive Family Martial Arts Program encourages all members to participate, allowing everyone to learn and make progress at their own pace.

Find Out What Parents and Students Are Saying About U.S. Martial Arts Center

Katherine Saylors

 I am proud of what my son has learned here. His forms, self defense, one step sparring, kicks, punches, student of the month and being in black belt club is not what I'm talking about, even though I am proud of all of those thingsas well. Slowly but surely his character development is being impacted by the instructors and masters.

Herb Todd

USMAC is amazing. We started at USMAC by accident. My 5 year old daughter saw TKD at a demonstration, so we signed her up. My wife and I would watch our daughter doing TKD and it became clear that we should be doing class. We all joined and were instantly hooked on the sport. This dojang is different from other martial arts dojo's and dojangs....The people, other students, instructors and Masters & GM are the best. Here, 4 years later, USMAC has become my "other family".

Yathi Lingam

When I think of a School, either its for education or sports, you don't expect the kids to know a lot. They have to be taught and coached until they get it right. As the kids go through the school system, I have come to realise teaching and coaching is very critical for their success. One of the very few places where those virtues exist is in USMAC. Master Angie and Instructor Cassie have instilled the sense of dedication, hard work and never say never attitude in my child. Thank you for all the help you have provided and providing in my son's path to success!

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