The Instructors and staff are absolutely amazing here! Everyone knew my son's name from day one and made him feel welcomed and comfortable. I was impressed by their courtesy and kindness. My five year old thrived in this environment and loved attending classes. It helped him set small goals throughout the week and focus on good behavior. I can't say enough good things about U.S. Martial Arts Center in Lacey. Thank you.

- Chelsea Leigh

My son goes to Thurston high school with one of your instructors. I was strongly considering enrolling my children into your center until I came across that instructor's social media. His whole social network consists of selling drugs, using drugs, and being inappropriate. I am in disbelieve that such a person would be allowed to instruct children. Do you guys drug test your employees? Obviously not if this kid is getting away with all that inappropriate behavior. I for one will not have my children be put at risk by someone who cannot be trusted. I really hope you guys can look into this issue and find a solution. Thank you.

- Jenessy Velasco

This is by far the best choice I could have made in a school for my son to learn Taekwondo at.

They truly and genuinely care about their students. They incorporate not only the skills of Taekwondo, but also building character and helping parents reinforce a solid foundation of respect, discipline and making good choices.

I would recommend U.S. Martial Arts Center over any other institute in the area.

- Ashley Joyce

Fantastic instructors, excellent learning atmosphere.

- Tracie Coon

The staff is amazing! USMAC is a fantastic asset to the community, teaching good citizenship as well as confidence and self-defense.

- Bryan Bougher

It's not just excellent training for the body, but this school also builds a great person. Great focus on community, aside from unparalleled coaching in TKD martial arts.

- Iris Johnson-de Graaf

My family (my wife, me, and our 3 boys) have been student for the last year, and love our time with USMAC. The boys continue to learn a lot about respect, and how to defend themselves, and my wife and I learn the same as well as getting back into shape. Since the beginning, we've been treated like part of the family, and we greatly appreciate the hard work, dedication, and education the Lee family puts into all of their students.

We continue to make new friendships all the time, and look forward to many more years with USMAC

- Eric Hernandez

USMAC is amazing. We started at USMAC by accident. My 5 year old daughter saw TKD at a demonstration, so we signed her up. My wife and I would watch our daughter doing TKD and it became clear that we should be doing class. We all joined and were instantly hooked on the sport. This dojang is different from other martial arts dojo's and dojangs....The people, other students, instructors and Masters & GM are the best. Here, 4 years later, USMAC has become my "other family".

- Herb Todd

When I think of a School, either its for education or sports, you don't expect the kids to know a lot. They have to be taught and coached until they get it right. As the kids go through the school system, I have come to realise teaching and coaching is very critical for their success. One of the very few places where those virtues exist is in USMAC. Master Angie and Instructor Cassie have instilled the sense of dedication, hard work and never say never attitude in my child. Thank you for all the help you have provided and providing in my son's path to success!

- Yathi Lingam

I've been a part of this school for 13 years with my Father and 3 other siblings. This place gave us a common goal to work towards and brought us closer together. I wouldn't replace my time here with anything. Go USMAC!

- Andrew Topasna

I love this place. The family that owns it sre true Taekwondo masters. Too bad I couldn't afford my memberships anymore. Would love to have continued training here.

- Marisa DiTommaso

Our whole family of six-myself, my wife, and our four kids, between ages 7 and 12--love learning Taekwondo at USMAC as a family

- Colin Cahill

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